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KNZee Limited is a licensed agro – processing company located in ‘Sing’ a village close to the city of Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana. We engage in the processing, and distribution of the finest quality FMCGs using home grown horticultural produces with the main aim of preserving and packaging them into FMCGs. The company leverages on its 340-acre mango farm to supply mango products to its customers/clients in Ghana and beyond throughout the year. Our objectives are to improve the shelf life, preserve the colour, flavour, texture, and nutrition of these perishable produces thus, adding value to the products.
At KNZee, we aim to leverage on the vase agricultural sector to process large quantities of raw horticultural products using modern processing technologies such as juicing, drying, canning, pasteurizing, milling, bottling and canning.


We wish to contribute significantly to a reduction in food spoilage and wastage which may as a result, sustain all year-round food security and nutritional values alongside making a considerable economic contribution to the nation through the export potential of these products.
We also wish to offer consumers alternative healthy eating experiences and habits with our wide range of innovative FMCGs that are nutritious, convenient, and tasty.

We have put together, a group of great professionals and the best available equipment to run because, we wish to produce high-quality and safe products. As expected of the FDA , we have implemented procedures and strategies that will enable us use best practices for farming, processing packaging and distribution.
Therefore, the design of our facility, the selection of equipment and materials, the training of personnel, and testing and analysis of the products has been carefully executed by our quality assurance personnel to ensure that they meet FDA standards for safety and quality. As such, we are strategically positioned to become one of the top food processing companies in Ghana.

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